Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and is the successor to its Windows Mobile platform.Windows Mobile is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft for pocket computers and smartphones. Microsoft’s newer “Windows Phone” OS, which was announced by the company in February 2010 and is not compatible with the older platform. The final version of Windows Mobile for ordinary consumers, 6.5.5, arrived just after the new Windows Phone OS was announced in 2010.

Standard features on Windows Mobile include a file navigation system virtually identical to that found in Windows. Multitasking is a much cleverer, in that it allows each of the opened programs to take a turn at running.

The default web browser on the Windows Mobile platform is Internet Explorer Mobile with multimedia functionality coming to the device via Windows Media Player. Microsoft developed a special version of its  Office program for the OS, Microsoft Office Mobile, which includes the email and office suite programme Outlook Mobile. Windows Mobile gadgets can make their internet connection available to other devices, such as compatible PCs and laptops, with Internet Connection Sharing, using a USB port or Bluetooth capability.

Windows Phone do not allow Opera, Mozzila Firefox or Google chrome to develop an alternate web browser on windows phone. More diversity is always better. I think by limiting the developers, Microsoft making the free open source OS look better. Google Chrome Mobile is available for other systems.

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