What’s New in AOL Explorer 1.5

Create Desktop Widgets from Panels
Your favorite Side Panels can now be “torn off” and used independently of the AOL Explorer experience – on your computer, on your desktop, wherever. The panel will remain open and functional as long as you choose: even after you close AOL Explorer.
To create a Desktop Widget for a Panel, simple open the panel and click on the small “arrow” icon in the Panel’s Titlebar.

Visual Themes
Want a new look for AOL Explorer? Use the Themes Chooser to select one of many original themes to customize the look of your AOL Explorer.
To choose a Theme, go to your Tools Menu and choose Themes…. Click on a theme, then click Save to update your browser.

Feeds Screensaver
Now you can view all of the RSS Feeds you have in your AOL Explorer Feeds Panel as a screensaver. Keep an eye on the latest information from across the room.
The screensaver is not installed by default. To install the screensaver, open your AOL Explorer Feeds Panel and click on the “Install Feeds Screensaver” button.

Show Page Preview with Ctrl + Right-Click
If you want to see a preview of a webpage without leaving the current page, you can hold the Control key (“Ctrl”) down and click your right mouse button to view a preview. It takes a bit to get used to this, but it is especially useful when you see a big list of links on a page (think: search results).
To show the Preview, place your mouse over a “http” link (other link-types are not supported for security reasons). Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click your right mouse button. Note: javascript, frames, and java applets are all disabled on the preview for your protection.

Performance Improvements
The Software Engineer Team has worked very hard to make improvements in AOL Explorer’s start-up times as well as “responsiveness” times (for example, the UI response rate when you type into the URL input field). We understand that speed matters when you are using a browser.


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