WebPositive Graphical Web Browser

WebPositive “also called Web+” is the graphical web browser included as part of the Haiku operating system since version R1 / Alpha 2. It was created to replace the aging BeZillaBrowser with a native WebKit-based browser.

Currently, there is partial support for HTML5, excluding primarily <audio> and <video> support due to a lack of code in the Media Kit. WebPositive does not currently support any form of plugins, although developer Stephan Aßmus has suggested that he may look into plugin support in the future.

The name WebPositive came as a combination of ‘Web-‘, from its WebKit roots, and ‘-Positive’, as it is the Haiku replacement of the NetPositive browser found in BeOS.

As of late 2010, Ryan Leavengood is taking over as the lead developer of WebPositive.

You can get more information about WebPositive in Haiku operating system homepage.

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