PhaseOut improves speed and flexibility of the IE navigation engine and adds extra security features. PhaseOut is a browser using Internet Explorer engine. As everybody know the IE platform alone is not the most secure tool for those who browse the web without extreme knowledge of the risks and dangerous situations. However IE is still the best rendering browser. For this reason, beyond the tabs and cool graphics, we add tools and extra features for your safety and privacy.

Navigation Shortcuts

• shift+Ctrl+click on a link to “open link in new tab”. Useful when you are on a site or search results page and want to open many links at once in background tabs for reviewing them later.

• shift+click on a link to “open link in a new tab and show its content”. Sometimes you want to see the content of a site without overriding the origin page.

Options and Extra Features

• rightMouse PO menu (mouse on the PO interface) gives access to the whole PhaseOut tools and available options.

• rightMouse IE menu (mouse on the web page) gives access to the IE classic navigation options.

the PO right mouse click menu

right_menuPHASEOUT Side Bar

History, Favorites, Search Equalizer, Preview pages, Skins, Languages and Info are accessible by opening the sidebar.
Mouse-Right-Click to open the menu options, then Open PhaseOut bar.

[PhaseOut side bar with the pages preview tab open]

phaseoutsidebarClean Up

If you use a public computer or want nobody see what you have visited, you can clear any record of your personal information stored by PhaseOut and Internet Explorer simultaneously. Click one of the clean up options from the right mouse click menu (below) to erase the history of web pages you have visited, empty the cache (temp files), clear search and url entries, remove cookies and traces of recent opened files.

clean_UpYou can set the CleanUp preferences in the PO option panel, accessible through the PO right mouse click menu.


Popup Blocker

Some sites display pop-up windows when you open or close the page for showing advertising or login forms. You can block these pop-up windows. PopUp blocker does not block pop-up windows that open when you click a link, for this is usually not dangerous and not spam. However some popup windows may be important so you can set the blocker to work as you want.

PhaseOut popup blocker has three basic settings, you find the settings in the PhaseOut options (right mouse click, then PhaseOut Options, then click PopUp blocker):


• Blocking all popups (as above) will prevent from unwanted opening of any popup pages.
• View all popups except those in the black list is very useful because you can see the popup window and decide to forward it in the black list or the white list clicking the special buttons appearing in the top border of the popup.
• View all popups except those in the white list do the opposite and may be very useful also, it’s up to you.

This is an example of a popup window showing up, if you click on the green OK button you will forward the popup to the white list and you will always see it. If you click the stop hand button you will ban it from further openings forwarding it in the black list.


All the popups forwarded into the Black or White list can be managed clicking on EDIT in the options panel.


What is this SupaSearcher ?

In addition to the classic search tool bar SupaSearcher serves you real time keywords for further search based on the theme of a showing page, automatically.

For example: You were looking for “DVD back up software” and you are on a DVD related products page as shown below and want to search for similar, alternative or other resources like this.

Let’s Supasearcher do the work for you !!!

In the side bar you have, in real time, the search phrases you need ready to click, you don’t have to type, you don’t have to think what are the words to search for, just click. The searches will open in new tabs to be reviewed later.

The words are not taken from a database but from the analysis of the page !!!


The SupaSearcher tool in the side bar. The Auto check box performs analysis in real time when the page is loaded, the DO button only when you click.


Supasearcher auto detector works only if you have some content showing.

In addition to the Standard search bar, as you see above, you can also make a multiple search in all the listed Search engines. Check the checkboxes, type the search keyphrase and click Search, then use the links to refine the search for all the related themes.

Download link for PHASEOUT 5

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