UC Web Browser


  • Browsing function
    You can browse both the web and wap sites with
    Ucweb quickly and free.
  • Search function
    Ucweb support Baidu/Google search engines,
    which is so easily and quickly to get what you
  • Download function
    Supporting the large file downloaded and Net
    ants tool,with the low flows download.
  • Navigation function
    With the hottest build-in site quick links, you can
    smoothly review the hot site directly.
  • E-mail service
    Supporting a lot of mail formats,and it is so safe,
    reliable and personalized,and you will never be
    bothered by the spam.
  • Personal data management
    With the cool tools such as RSS ,bookmark,hard
    disk,it realizes, the information share between
    mobile phone and PC.

Download and more details go to homepage HERE

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