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Steel offers a new, touch-friendly user interface to the Android browser engine. It supports auto-rotation, full screen browsing, a virtual keyboard, advanced touch controls for zooming and flipping through multiple windows. Steel provides full integration with the Android platform. It can be made the default browser, it opens multi-media files in the appropriate viewers, and supports downloads of arbitrary files (videos, mp3, playlists,…) from the web.


There are two important controls in Steel, the navigation controls and the long-press menu.
The navigation controls include an address bar at the top and a navigation bar at the bottom. If they are not visible, there should be a quarter circle in the lower right corner (or left if you set the left-handed option) that brings them out when tapped.
The address bar includes a home button, an address field, and a reload or stop button depending on whether a page is loaded or loading.
The navigation bar offers buttons to go back, open the window selector, open bookmarks and to go forward. If there are more than one window, there will be an ‘X’ button in the middle to close the current window.

When the address field gets tapped, the virtual keyboard should pop up (if it is enabled). It can be used to enter an address. You can also enter search terms in the address field and press the search icon to its left to start a google search.
Tapping anywhere outside the keyboard removes the virtual keyboard. To get it back de-select the input field and then re-select it. As soon as the field gets the focus again (visible orange border), the keyboard should pop up.

Slider Behavior  
While a page is loading, the slider displays the basic navigation controls and
the progress is shown in the URL field.
This behavior can now be changed to maximize the page view by using the
“bubble”, the little transparent control in the bottom corner, to show progress
during loading.
This option is enabled via the Settings / Loading.
In addition to showing the bubble for progress monitoring, it can also be used
to cancel the current loading process when pressed, as a separate option.

Pie Menu
The web page offers a context menu when the user does a long press. Hold
the finger down anywhere on the page, and the pie menu appears.
There are different options in the pie menu, depending on where the long-press
The text options can be selected by moving the finger into the slice and
lifting it up in the desired slice.
The zoom option works immediately, and continuously zooms the page (in or
out) until the finger is lifted.

Opening Links
To open a link in a new window, simply hold a finger down over a link, as if to
bring up the pie menu; without moving, lift the finger when the pie menu shows
up, this will open the link in a new window.

Adding Bookmarks
By pressing the menu button of the phone, the page menu displays on the
screen. Select the “Bookmark..” option to bring up the bookmarking dialog.
Besides editing the Title and URL of the bookmark, a bookmark can have one
or more tags associated with it. To tag a bookmark with an existing label,
select the label in the tag list, to add new labels enter them in the input field
separated by spaces and in lowercase letters.

Setting the Homepage
When a bookmark is added, the special tag “home” can be added to indicate
that the page is set as the homepage. If the home tag is already in the tag list,
selecting it will make the current bookmark the homepage.

The download system in Steel has been completely re-designed. Downloads
are started from Steel, but run in the background now. A separate downloads
page shows all downloads within the last day.
For each download, the link, the download status, and the download progress
are displayed. A download can be canceled by pressing the ‘X’ button next to
When a download is successfully completed, clicking on the download will
launch the activity associated with the downloaded file.

Download Steel Web Browser for mobile from Steel Download page and get more information at source.


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