Smart Bro Web Browser

Smart_BroSmart Bro is a tabbed browser, similar to Internet Explorer, but with many new features, introduced to help you browsing the Internet in an easier and more exciting ways. After you use Smart Bro, you’ll never go back to your old web browser again.Smart Bro is freeware. No registration is required, and there are NO limitations. Smart Bro is not an Adware and it contains no Spyware at all.

Key Features:

  • Tabbed interface support, this means that all web pages will be opened in one single application. This should make working on many websites at the same time very handy.
  • Clean History on exit: This feature helps erasing your tracks after you finish your Internet session.
  • Minimize to Tray: This option can place the browser in the system tray. You can even set a password to prevent other users from showing the contents of the browser when minimized.
  • Tabs Toolbar: This makes switching between websites very easy.
  • Form-filling is integrated in the browser, no need for plugins what so ever. Just fill your data and get-going.
  • Save All Documents on exit.
  • Quick Search the Web/Groups using the popular search engines
  • Popup killer: The popup killer will close any popup window which is intended to provide Ads and/or unwanted overhead.

Download Smart Bro

Minimum Requirements:Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP Internet Explorer 5.0+