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Skyfire is a mobile web browser which renders requested web page on a proprietary server and relays it to the browser on the end user’s mobile phone which displays the content. Skyfire currently runs on Android and iOS. As of 31 December 2010, it no longer supports Symbian OS or Windows Mobile.

Skyfire comprises two distinct generations of mobile browser technology. In Skyfire’s first generation (1.x) browser, a web page is fully rendered by a server separate from the mobile device, similar to the operation of a thin client. This approach is also used by Opera Mini. Skyfire’s second generation (2.x) browser employs a hybrid approach, using a conventional rendering of Web pages on the handheld device, but streaming video from Skyfire’s servers.

Skyfire for Android
Skyfire Browser for Android redefines mobile browsing for the social networking generation.  Recently named by both TechCrunch and Appolicious / Yahoo to their Best Android Apps of All Time listings, Skyfire for Android is loaded with features that make browsing the mobile web more social and more fun.  In addition, even on newer Android phones that include Adobe Flash, users report Skyfire video starts faster, plays smoother and saves up to 75% on data use – which saves you money if you are on a tiered or capped plan.

Skyfire for iPhone & iPad
With the Skyfire Browser, you can finally unlock the content that matters to you: funny video clips, sports and news updates, the video link your friend sent you. Our cloud computing platform translates videos from Adobe Flash into an iPhone-friendly format. Over 200,000 web sites supported, with more added every day. Plus unique toolbar makes all browsing more social, more shareable and more fun.

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