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Use Skweezer for faster mobile browsing lets you view all of your favorite Web sites and blogs quickly and easily on any mobile device. Log into Twitter or check out a favorite RSS feed with our built-in reader. Read a restaurant review on Yelp, or visit a friend’s profile page in Facebook. The Web is your oyster with is free, works on any mobile browser, and doesn’t require you to install anything onto your phone. To use Skweezer, just visit and start searching or browsing the Web with our award-winning mobilization technology that automatically reformats Web pages for your specific mobile device.

Skweezer makes a great mobile home page
Saving as the home page on your phone’s browser allows you to quickly get to mobilized versions of your favorite Web sites. Skweezer also allows you to save bookmarked pages, giving you 2-click access to your most frequently visited sites through our “hot key” menu that uses the number keys on your phone.

Faster browsing
Web pages load up to 12 times faster when viewed through Skweezer. Pages can also be viewed with images turned off for fast loading over even the slowest wireless networks.

Industry-leading mobile search
Skweezer offers robust search tools that allow you to run Web, local, and image searches, as well as our innovative Find-in-Page Searchâ„¢ that helps you find keywords on a Web page.

Safe and secure
Skweezer supports up to 256-bit “Very Strong” SSL security and utilizes a Class 3 Public Primary certificate which, according to VeriSign, would take a hacker 1 trillion x 1 trillion years to crack.

Lots of great features
Built-in RSS Reader, bookmarks, mobile site directory, automatic content-paging system for cell phones, multi-lingual interface, click-to-call hyperlink support, and more! features:

  • Web content transcoding technology that reformats content for easier viewing on small mobile displays and allows Web pages load up to 12 times faster
  • Mobile device identification system that customizes Skweezer’s transcoding engine to match each device’s technical constraints on a case-by-case basis
  • Integrated RSS reader
  • Automatic content-paging system that splits Web pages into sub-pages to meet specific deck-sizes uncovered by the mobile device identification system
  • Up to 256-bit “Very Strong” SSL security, depending on device’s capabilities
  • Powerful mobile search tools, including Web search, image search, and Skweezer’s proprietary Find-in-Page searchâ„¢
  • Bookmarks feature
  • Multi-lingual user interface (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese languages)
  • International directory with hundreds of mobile Web sites and RSS feeds
  • Click-to-call hyperlink support
  • Image optimization
  • Image on/off preference
  • Cross-platform technology that works on any mobile device with a browser
  • Web-based service, so there is no software to download and install onto the mobile device

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