Rogue In-Game Browser

gmaildragonA Browser Made for PC Gamers

GotGame has released a Web browser which caters to PC gamers that spend their time firing away at enemies in titles like Counter-Strike and grinding out experience points in vast virutal realms such as those found in Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. Rogue is unique in that it allows users to surf the Web while playing by overlaying the game window itself. It is a fully functional browser in many ways, offering bookmarks and a Google search feature as well as support for CSS, Flash, and JavaScript. Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to hide Rogue, transfer control to and from your game, as well as modify the browser’s transparency.

Anyone that has played a game with a significant amount of downtime in it can really appreciate the practicality of an application like Rogue. As someone who used to spend hours on end performing mundane tasks like crafting and leveling in Dark Age of Camelot, this browser would have been a godsend for me had it existed five or six years ago.

Currently in beta, Rogue supports many popular titles including Call of Duty, Half-Life 2, and Unreal Tournament III. The list of supported games is set to expand, and GotGame plans to unveil several new features in the near future.

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