Rekonq Web Browser

Rekonq is a web browser for KDE based on WebKit. It first focuses on being a light, fast & clean way to access to net. Its development is doubly based on using the new amazing features offered by the WebKit rendering engine and on the rock solid network KDE technologies.


rekonq integrates well into the KDE desktop, e.g. downloading files through KDE download system, sharing bookmarks with Konqueror, KIO support, etc. rekonq possesses most of the features of a modern web browser, specifically:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Unique loading address bar
  • Ad blocker
  • Support for addons (Flash, Java)
  • Proxy support

rekonq uses the WebKit HTML rendering engine (the same engine used in Safari and Google Chrome), so there are few rendering problems with most websites. For the same reason, rekonq performs well in compatibility tests such as Acid tests.

rekonq homepage

rekonq’s page at KDE Projects

rekonq at KDE-Apps

rekonq user wiki

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