Refresher V1.2

Refresher is a web browser application incorporating exciting new features. Not only can you navigate the World Wide Web, but look below at the other available features. Refresher is not designed to compete with leading web browsers (Refresher recommends Firefox for secure browsing – .), but to offer additional functionality that proves very useful for the average user.

Below is a description of features available in Refresher…

I.P. Tool
A quick and convenient tool giving your the ability to resolve an I.P. (Internet Protocol) Address or a domain name. Enter the I.P. Address or domain name into the allocated boxes in the I.P. Tool and click resolve. The results will then be displayed at the bottom of the window. The I.P. Tool also states the I.P. address and host name of your computer.

PC Reminder
If you need to remind yourself to send an important email in a couple of hours, need to complete a task at a certain time or remind yourself of an on-line auction nearing to an end, simply set a PC Reminder. A PC Reminder can be set at a specific time within a 24 hour period, or with a count down timer within 100 hours. The purpose of the PC Reminder is not to be a complete scheduling tool, but for one-off reminders. Each time you open Refresher, another PC Reminder may be set.

The PC Reminder can be set to alert silently, beep once, or if you are away from the computer it can repeatedly beep until you return. If you are currently busy with a task and the PC Reminder activates, set a time and press ‘Snooze’ in the reminder box. The PC Reminder will then go into a sleep mode, whereby it will remind you once again when the snooze time has passed.

Quick PC Reminder
Quick PC Reminder pre-configures itself instantly for you based on the selected time in the web browser. For example, if you highlight “13:31” in a web browser and select Quick PC Reminder, the reminder will alert you 15 minutes before the selected time. So in this instance, you will be notified of your reminder at “13:16”. This can be used when reading a deadline time in which to reply to a web mail or when selecting the end time of an auction. The ‘Title’ of the reminder is set to the name of the web page you selected to start the Quick PC Reminder and the ‘Message’ is set to the web site address (URL). Therefore, when the reminder activates you can see where the reminder was set.

You are able to snooze the Quick PC Reminder when it notifies you of the reminder just as you would the PC Reminder. The PC Reminder and Quick PC Reminder use the same engine, therefore open another Refresher window if you would like to set another PC Reminder.

PC Timer
The PC Timer can be used to shutdown, restart or log you off the computer. A PC Timer can be set at a specific time within a 24 hour period, or with a count down timer within 100 hours. PC Timer maybe used if you are waiting for information to finish downloading, burning a CD or simply will be away from the computer when you need to complete one of the above actions.

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