Pink Browser

Pink Browser is a free web browser designed for girls. If you’re a girl, why use a web browser that was not meant to be for you. Use our Pink Browser instead which was designed carefully to suite your needs.

Browser is freeware. No registration is required, and there are NO limitations. Pink Browser is not an Adware and it contains no Spyware at all.

Pink Browser is designed for girls. It offers many features that you need in your Internet browser:

1. Pink Browser is made for girls. Using Pink Browser, you can enjoy a web browser that is made especially for your needs instead of using ugly and general web browsers.

2. Pink Browser provides an integrated popup killer which stops annoying Ads from showing.

3. A Flash filter is provided to stop flash advertisements from annoying you. The filter can be easily switched on or off.

4. Integrated Form filler is provided to help you fill forms easily. All you need to do is to fill your information for the first time, after that Pink Browser will fill all web forms for you.

5. Pink Browser provides an integrated RSS reader which can help you track your favorite websites’ news.

6. Pink Browser can clean up your history automatically which helps you protect your privacy.

7. It loads very quickly compared to Internet Explorer.

8. It can be minimized to system tray. You can even set a password to protect it.

9. It can save its state for later. It can keep the websites you’re currently working on for later. This is extremely useful for browsing the web.

10. You can meet new friends using this web browser.

11. It’s FREE 😉

Download Pink Browser from official site and get more information.