Origyn Web Browser

Origyn Web Browser(OWB) is a web browser designed for CE devices such as mobile phones, portable media players, Set Top Boxes and TV decoders, and any other consumer electronic product (GPS, home-gateways, Web-radios, PVR, DVD recorders, wireless devices etc.)

Pukapuka release is the new mixture of WebKit with Sand-Labs flavour. It is based on a day-to-day merging capability with WebKit while it still provides the easy to use, easy to implement and easy to test OWBAL abstraction layer.

OWB is licensed under BSD license, unless specified otherwise in WebCore/JSCore code where the original licenses apply (APSL, LGPL and BSD).

OWB for AmigaOS is a rapidly improving web browser based on Sand-Labs’ Webkit implementation, that aims to provide modern web browsing experience for AmigaOS users. OWB is mainly targeted to AmigaOS4.1, but most of it works on AmigaOS 4.0 as well.

About the authors
The current AmigaOS 4.x port of OWB was developed by Jörg Strohmayer, based on Sand-Labs’ Pukapuka release.

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Edit Note: Origyn Web Browser (OWB) is a discontinued web browser that was synchronized with WebKit and sponsored by web enabler Pleyo. OWB provides a meta-port to an abstract platform with the aim of making porting to embedded or lightweight systems faster and easier. This port is used for embedded devices such as set-top boxes, and other consumer electronics.

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