Opera Web Browser

Opera is a web browser developed by Opera Software for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Opera Web Browser is owned a Chinese group of investors under the name Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund I Limited Partnership. Opera Web Browser uses the Blink layout engine. An earlier version using the Presto layout engine is still available, and runs on FreeBSD systems.

Privacy and Security

Opera Browser has an ad blocker is built right into the browser. No installation and setup required, just turn on ad blocking in the browser settings. Of course, you can easily unblock ads on any website, if you want. Enhanced online privacy should be available to everyone. Opera Web Browser has free VPN feature which is built right into the Opera browser. You don’t have to download VPN extensions or sign up and pay for VPN services. Opera Browser also implements a proprietary protocol from Google called “Safe Browsing” to check the website that is being visited against blacklists for phishing and malware, and displays a warning page if it matches any of these lists.

Opera Browser Main Features

Page zooming
Opera offers full page zooming. Instead of just making the text bigger, this feature expands all page elements, including text, images, videos, and other content such as Adobe Flash, Java and Scalable Vector Graphics to be increased or decreased in size (25% to 500%).

Task Manager
Since Opera is based on Chromium, the Chromium-Browsing-Task Manager, as known from Google Chrome, is also a part of Operas Feature Range.

Download manager
Opera Browser allows the user to pause, resume or restart the transfer of files. It also keeps the history of downloaded files and allows opening them or the folder where the file has been downloaded to from within the browser.

Image loading setting
Opera Browser offers the option to load a page without images, or to use only images already in the web cache.

Mouse gestures
Some of the default mouse gestures include:

Back – right-clicking anywhere and dragging the mouse towards the left.
Forward – right-clicking anywhere and dragging the mouse towards the right.
New tab – right-click and dragging down.
Close tab – right-click and making an L-shape movement (drag down, then right).
Zooming – holding down the CTRL key and scrolling the mouse wheel. Scrolling up enlarges the page by 10% increments, and vice versa.
Flip back and forward A.K.A Rocker gestures – hold the right-click mouse button and click left, and vice versa.

Search engines
Opera provides quick access to a variety of search engines and commerce sites, via the use of search plugins. The user can type the search string in the address field and it will display search suggestions for supported websites.

Speed Dial
Users are able to save all the tabs in a window as a Speed Dial group, manage the saved links, and open them all later if wished.

Opera Turbo
When the Opera Turbo mode is enabled, Opera compresses requested web pages (but not HTTPS secure pages) by up to 80%, depending upon content, before sending it to the user.

Tabbed browsing
Opera Browser supports tabbed browsing. This means multiple web pages can be opened within the same application window.

Recently closed pages access
Opera allows the user to retrieve all of the tabs or windows closed earlier in the current session from a list.

Extensions are supported in Opera Browser. Extensions allow adding functionality to Opera easily and currently share most APIs with the Chromium extension model.

Password manager
Every page with a password form gives the user the option of storing the password for later use.

Safer address field
Opera applies domain highlighting, hides the complexity of long web addresses by hiding the query strings and instead of displaying the protocol it displays a badge you can click to see a security assessment for any particular page being visited, including information about available SSL or TLS certificates.

Download Opera Browser from Opera Browser Home Page. Please visit our Google Chrome Download Blog for more information about browsers.