NeoPlanet Browser

NeoPlanet was a graphical web browser released in 1998 and was based on the Trident rendering engine (a technology developed by Microsoft for use in Internet Explorer). It was designed to be a customizable browser with content channels and search facilities, as well as email and download management. Skins were a prominent feature of NeoPlanet; it was one of the first browsers to be fully skinnable. Lycos once offered a branded version of the browser.

NeoPlanet Browser Fact Sheet

The NeoPlanet Browser promotes “Internet Style” by allowing users to customize the look and feel of their browser through graphic and audio files. The “Skins” button on the toolbar offers access to hundreds of skins in a range of colors and themes – users can also set the NeoPlanet Browser to randomly use a different skin each time it starts. In addition, NeoPlanet Browser users can create their own skins and submit them for posting on the the NeoPlanet, Inc. website.

The NeoPlanet Browser features fully integrated Instant Messaging and access to bulletin boards, galleries and chat rooms. Here, content, community and communications are found in one, easy-to-use interface.

The NeoPlanet Browser provides a built-in directory of Channels that puts the best of the Web at the user’s fingertips. Channels offer fast, easy and personalized navigation to the top sites on the Web. Customizable default Channels include “News”, “Sports”, “Shopping”, and many more. Each Channel contains a set of Folders with hundreds of default links. Users can also use the Channel Designer to customize and create their own Channels and share them with other NeoPlanet Browser users.

Your Own NeoPlanet Browser Preference Center
To further personalize the Internet experience and allow users to truly make the NeoPlanet Browser their own, NeoPlanet, inc. has developed Your Own NeoPlanet Browser Preference Center. This value-added feature consists of a Web-based interface where users may select and import new and highly focused Channels based on their interests. Each Channel consists of hundreds of links on such topics as PC Games, Amateur Photography, Personal Finance, World News, Cooking and many more. Users may return to the NeoPlanet Browser Preference Center and modify or add selections at any time. Category selections are saved between sessions, and new categories are regularly added, based on user demand.

Download Manager
The NeoPlanet Browser Download Manager is a versatile tool that gives users the power to track and organize downloads from the Internet, as well as schedule downloads in advance. If downloads are scheduled at a time when the user isn’t online, the Download Manager has the ability to connect to the Internet using the user’s default connection settings, execute the scheduled downloads and automatically disconnect. The Download Manager also allows the user to restart a canceled or disconnected download where they left off without having to start again.

The NeoPlanet Browser features a powerful, easy-to-use e-mail program that can automatically import the user’s e-mail settings from a variety of other e-mail programs. The program offers a preview pane for e-mail, customizable filtering, an address book, spell check and more. A unique feature is e-mail notification, in which an animated presentation appears in the lower, right-hand corner Infobox. Alerting the user to new mail also includes a dialogue notification option, which can be activated by the user.

Integrated Search
The NeoPlanet Browser’s integrated search feature provides users with targeted searching directly from the interface itself without first having to navigate to a Web page. With a variety of Search types available – Quotes, News, USENET, Games, Books, Movies, etc. – users are bound to find what they’re searching for the first time.

The InfoBox in the lower right-hand corner of the interface is a rich-media space featuring e-mail notification, news, and valuable promotions.

The NeoPlanet Browser is for all Internet users. Experienced Web users benefit from its unique customization capabilities and full standards support. New users enjoy the NeoPlanet Browser’s intuitive design, which makes Web browsing, e-mail, and messaging fast, convenient, and fun.

The NeoPlanet Browser is free.

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