MOTOMAGX by Motorola

With more than 10 million Linux-based handsets shipped worldwide (as ofQ3 2007), Motorola is a leader in mobile Linux innovation and this is just the beginning. MOTOMAGX, Motorola’s mobile Linux platform, is the next significant step in demonstrating our commitment to mobile Linux and will play a key role in supporting Motorola’s strategy.

Building on the global success of Motorola’s earlier Linux-based platforms, MOTOMAGX incorporates best-of-breed open technologies to deliver new levels of openness, flexibility and support for third-party applications on Motorola mobile devices. The MOTOMAGX platform supports applications developed in Java ME, with plans to introduce development environments for both WebUI and native Linux applications in upcoming releases.

“Your life in your pocket” MOTOMAGX enables consumers to personalize their phone experience with rich Java and soon, mobile Web 2.0 applications and services on their phones. The MOTOMAGX platform will unleash the innovation and creativity of developers to deliver unique and truly personal, contextually aware experiences to the consumer experiences that can only be considered “MAGIC.”

MOTOMAGX contains more than 200 features, including:

  • An evolved architecture that lays the foundation for a truly open and modular platform to support a broad array of third-party content and applications.
  • An innovative user interface featuring breakthrough ModeShift technology that transforms the device from phone to music player to camera with the touch of a button and a FastScroll navigation wheel for scrolling through songs, contacts or?image library with the slide of a thumb.
  • A best-in-class mobile music experience that lets you take all your music with you. Easily drag and drop between your PC and phone playlists using Windows Media Player 10 or 11. Enjoy lightning fast downloads with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (downloads take less than three seconds compared with 10 seconds for USB 1.0). Find, listen to and set your favorite FM radio stations using the integrated FM tuner.
  • QVGA landscape mode for ease in viewing videos, TV and slideshows.
  • An open source browser that supports panning; keyword search; shortcut keys; inline rendering of audio and video files; rich, interactive Flash content and more.

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