Midori Web Browser

Midori is a Web Browser, that aims to be lightweight and fast. It aligns well with the Xfce philosophy of making the most out of available resources.

midori_logoMidori is basically very portable and should run on all platforms that its dependencies support. Midori and all delivered artwork are licensed under the LGPL2.

Midori Web Browser Features:

  • Full integration with GTK+ 2.
  • Fast rendering with WebKit.
  • Tabs, windows and session management.
  • Flexibly configurable Web Search.
  • User scripts and user styles support.
  • Straightforward bookmark management.
  • Customizable and extensible interface.
  • Extensions such as Adblock, form history, mouse gestures or cookie management.


GTK+ 2.10, WebkitGTK+ 1.1.1, libXML2 libsoup 2.25.2

Download midori v0.2.1 (580 kB)