Kirix Strata data analytics Browser

Built for Business Analysts and IT Pros

Kirix Strata™ is an ad hoc data analysis and reporting tool built for people who work with, manipulate and analyze structured data.  Strata is easy to use, has the power you need to work with large files, and helps you get your work done faster:

  •     Access data from anywhere (Oracle, SQL Server, CSV, XLS, EBCDIC, HTML, etc.)
  •     Freedom from file size limitations (60 billion rows and 18 petabytes per table)
  •     Speed, flexibility, and agility (designed for data usability, not data management)

Kirix Strata Features

Access Data from Anywhere
Open local files such as CSV, XLS and DBF from your desktop or connect to database systems like Oracle and MySQL.  With Kirix Strata™, you can even open up HTML Tables, RSS Fees and CSV files directly from the Web.

Rich Data Environment
Work with your data in a rich environment, designed exactly for this purpose.  Sort, filter, and reformat data with a single click. Quickly cut through the clutter of new data sets and gather useful insights.

Built-In Database
Store and manipulate as much data as you like with Strata’s built-in relational database.  It’s built for speed and can handle just about any amount of data you throw at it — up to 60 billion records per table.

Report Writer
Develop reports directly from from local files, database systems of Web data.  Quickly flip between page and template views for an intuitive design experience.  Creating a report is as simple as using a spreadsheet.

Dynamic Calculations
Create dynamic calculations instantly across a full data set — and see the resulting value as you type.  You can reformat your data, extract embedded values, and test and edit regular expressions interactively.

Group Analyzer
Organize and analyze your data by groups of records.  Summarize groups to generate useful statistics, or keep the detail records together to identify duplicates or find a set of groups that meets certain criteria.

Data Relationships
Interactively combine data from different files.  Just hook them together and then drag columns from one into the other.  Compare data between related files and find matching records.

Query Builder
Quickly build standard SQL queries with Strata’s intuitive query builder.  Query data directly from a database system, such as MySQL and Oracle, and join the results with data from the Web.

Data Bookmarks
Bookmark data from the web, local files, and database systems, such as MySQL.  Keep your data handy—organize bookmarks in folders on your toolbar and just click one to open a data file.

Custom Extensions
Strata comes with a data-enabled version of JavaScript with built-in support for SQL and other functions for data manipulation.  You can create new custom extensions or plug in existing ones built by the community.

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