Kidrocket KidSafe Browser

KidRocket is a web browser for kids, that also protects your desktop. Its really simple really. Instead of letting the browser have access to the whole world wide web and ‘trying’ to filter out the bad content, like most childrens internet browsers, filtering software do. We blocked out the entire internet and only let the browser access limited, top quality, child related web sites.

Instructions to Install & Un-install KidRocket

  • Download the latest KidRocket.exe file and save it to your Desktop.
  • Double click the green rocket icon to launch KidRocket.
  • There is no actual install process, but Kidrocket will create a kr_files folder next to the .exe on first run. This is where images & email preferences will be saved.

Here is demo from kidrocket homepage.

Download KidRocket v1.5 – Freeware

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