Iris Browser

Iris Browser for Windows Mobile 5 & 6 is now available for free download! Simply register with us by providing your name and contact information and download the CAB to your PC or directly to your phone. Then follow along as Torch Mobile makes regular improvements to the browser, adding new features, making it faster, and generally improving the user experience.

Please remember that this is beta quality software and does contain known flaws. You can expect it to misrender or crash on some sites. It will be one or more times before final release. You are encouraged to check back at this page often for updates, or make use of the built-in update feature in the browser.

The browser has been tested on a variety of Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, including Classic and Professional (Smartphone, PocketPC) editions, and we recommend 400MHz CPU and 128MB of RAM at this time, though it is known to work well on 200MHz processors and 64MB devices.

For more information please visit HERE

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