iPanel 1.40

Standards compliant HTML broswer for Palm

Develped by Embedded Internet Solutions Inc., iPanel browser is a standards compliant Internet browser that is designed and developed for Palm PDA’s and Smartphones offering these advanced features:


  • True Browsing Technology: Unlike the initial solutions for the Palm, which used dedicated servers to present the web page in a special format, iPanel is a true browser with Javascript support. This means that rather than just displaying a web page, you can fully interact with a web page such as travel pages, banking, or stock pages.

Tri-View: Allows you to view the web page in:

  • Wrapping mode, which displays web page as a column.
  • Actual mode, that allows you to navigate around the web page using the stylus.
  • Miniature view that allows you to display the whole web page and quickly zoom in onto a section.
  • PDA-ready Content Display: automatically displaying PDA-ready page of an URL if available from the web site.

Efficient Palm user interface including:

  • Quick buttons allow easy browsing of the web
  • Quick link display that allows you to bookmark your most important web pages with a descriptive icon.
  • Easy web page text entry
  • History support.
  • Ability to save content locally for later use.

Internet Standards Compliant:

  • HTML 4.0 compliant, enabling you to access a wider range of web pages
  • Java Script 1.4: Allowing you to use interactive web pages, rather than just being able to display them.
  • SSL 3.0/2.0 and TLS 1.0 for security of your transactions and your personal information.
  • Supports JPEG, GIF and Animated GIF optimized for the capabilities of your display.
  • Cookie support.
  • HTTP1.1 support


OS requirements for OS: Palm OS

Download Evaluation HERE


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