Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Learn more about Internet Explorer 8 with these quick how-to videos. Click on a specific title below to start your video and watch this page in the coming weeks as we’ll be adding more.

  • OverviewThe new version of Internet Explorer allows you to browse beyond the page while staying connected with the things you care about. Experience improved search, better security and privacy, and increased performance with Internet Explorer 8.
  • Accelerators Use Accelerators to search, map, e-mail, translate, or share content from any webpage you’re currently viewing with just one click. Best of all, new Accelerators are being added to the Internet Explorer Gallery regularly to further enhance your browsing experience.
  • Web Slices?As part of our daily web browsing, most of us visit many different sites. Browsing directly to each of our favorite sites to stay up to date can be time consuming, and in some cases, not really possible. What if the most compelling content from our favorite websites was delivered to us instead? Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices brings it to you.
  • Security and reliability enhancementsDo you want to be better protected from phishing and malicious software downloads? Need to browse with more privacy for that special gift online? Concerned about identity theft and your privacy? The latest version of Windows Internet Explorer has been designed to address these potential threats and more.


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