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ibisBrowser is a web browser which is designed for mobile phones. It is a client–server application that has been developed in 2005 by ibis inc., a Japanese company. The first version of the browser, developed in Java (MIDP 2.0) and run on a Java enabled Mobile Phone. Currently, two different versions of ibisBrowser can be found based on the features present on the browsers, these are: ibisBrowserLT and ibisBrowserDX. ibisBorwserLT is a light weight, in other words light featured browser. On the other hand, ibisBrowserDX has more functionality than ibisBrowserLT.

Currently, ibisBrowserLT/ibisBrowserDX is offered for NTT DoCoMo FOMA as i-mode Java application, for au the open application version of ibisBrowserDX, and Java edition for corresponding Willcom model version equipped with Java application. Since ibisBrowser performs a very fast searching method to retrieve a webpage, which then fits the page on a tiny Mobile Phone screen very accurately it is very popular among the Japanese Mobile Phone users. Recently, ibis inc. has released ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile Phones for using inside Japan and abroad. The basic difference from the ibisBrowserDX of Java edition is that the ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile edition is developed in C++


ibisBrowser performs a high-speed communication, high-speed vertical and horizontal scrolling, high-speed switching views between Mobile View and PC View, and high-speed zooming. It supports Cookies, QR code, Screenshot and tabbed browsing. Moreover, CSS is used in reproducing a web page. A secure communication is maintained between the ibisBrowser server and the target web site. It is possible to customize the settings of the font size, cursor speed, shortcut keys, home URL, URL used in “Quick Search”, a shortcut way to search, etc.

In ibisBrowserDX, switching between tabs and communication with a Barcode reader are possible. It also supports GPS function. This version of ibisBrowser is available in both Japanese and English languages. On the other hand, ibisBrowserLT doesn’t have the GPS function, shortcut key and tab switching facilities.

Presently, ibisBrowser doesn’t support JavaScript, Flash, Movie Pictures, AJAX though, the Movie Pictures support is under development.

ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile

ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile is developed in C++. The ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile can display a requested web page faster than the ibisBrowserDX for Java edition. Currently, there are two versions of ibisBrowserDX are in use: ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile Standard Edition and ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile Professional Edition.

ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile corresponds to the following OS:

Windows Mobile 6 Standard
Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Windows Mobile 6 Classic
Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC
Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC Phone Edition


ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile has all features that are present in ibisBrowserDX for Java edition except for it doesn’t support GPS and QR Code. But it has multi-language and download file supports. The language includes Japanese, English, and Russian. Currently, it doesn’t support Flash and JavaScript Technology.

Support Information

The int’l version of ibisBrowserDX for Java edition supports the following mobile phone models
DoCoMo FOMA M1000
NOKIA 6630 (Vodafone 702NK)
NOKIA 7610
NOKIA N71 (Vodafone 804NK)
Vodafone 705NK.

On the other hand, the int’l version of ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile supports

HTC Touch (Vogue)
HTC (elf)
Samsung M8100.

However, many other mobile phones that are not in the list may run ibisBrowser successfully.

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