Download Internet Explorer 8

Fast, safe, and easy. Internet Explorer 8 takes the web experience beyond the page for quicker and more reliable for browsing with peace of mind.


Now you can get more tasks done more quickly on the web. Accelerators provide instant access to information like maps, web searches, translations, email, blogging, and more. Simply highlight a word or phrase on a page and discover a faster way to get the information you need.

Improved Performance performance

Right from the start you’ll notice that pages open and load faster than ever. And, with powerful new features like Accelerators and Web Slices, Internet Explorer 8 gives you the ability to get more done in less time.

Privacy inprivate

With industry-leading security features like InPrivate, you can browse and shop confidently using Internet Explorer 8, wherever you go on the web, knowing you have control over the protection of your personal information.

Download Internet Explorer 8

Please visit Internet Explorer 8 Homepage for your own languages

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