Download and install Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser that installs in minutes; available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7; Mac OS 10.5 and later (Intel only); and Linux.

To install Google Chrome, follow these steps below:

  1. Visit or click here for Google chrome version 5. You can also download latest version at
  2. Click Download Google Chrome. By downloading the installer file from this site, you can be sure that your version of Google Chrome will be kept updated with the latest features and security fixes.
  3. Review the Terms of Service, then click Accept and Install to continue. You can choose to send Google crash reports and statistics on how often you use Google Chrome features by selecting the checkbox at the bottom. A “Welcome to Google Chrome” dialog appears once the installer file has been downloaded. Click Start Google Chrome in the dialog to complete the default installation.
  4. Alternatively, to individually select from the following installation options, click Customize these settings:
    • Select the browser settings — such as your bookmarks, home page, browsing history, and saved passwords — that should be imported from another browser.
    • Choose whether Google Chrome should be set as your default browser.
    • Indicate whether shortcuts for opening Google Chrome should be placed on your computer desktop, Start menu, or Quick Launch bar.

Google Chrome automatically opens after the installation is completed.


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