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Classilla is an updated open-source Mozilla-based web browser for the classic Macintosh OS (not Mac OS X, although it will run under Classic through 10.4). It is targeted for Mac OS 9, but will include 8.6 compatibility where possible.The name is, naturally, a portmanteau of Classic (for the classic MacOS) and Mozilla.

Owing to Classilla’s unusual provenance (being essentially a heavily patched version of Mozilla 1.3.1; vestigial proof remains in its verse from The Book of Mozilla), it has more limited support for web standards than do later Gecko-based browsers such as SeaMonkey and Mozilla Firefox, and its layout compared to iCab 3.0.5 is objectively inferior as the latter browser is Acid2 compliant and Classilla is not. On the other hand, its layout capability is more current than WaMCom or Mozilla 1.3.1, and Classilla has a more current JavaScript interpreter than iCab and better support for the Document Object Model although it is also still deficient compared to modern Gecko-based browsers. It is also perceived by users to be more stable and quicker to render than iCab, important as the classic Mac OS relies on cooperative multitasking and has very limited support for memory protection. However, known problems in the browser and issues with performance on older machines led the developers to implement their own limited version of NoScript as a built-in part of the browser so that users had the ability to enable JavaScript only where it was safe or necessary to do so. Classilla also adds support for user agent spoofing, which was not part of the original Mozilla suite, and repairs various Mac OS-specific bugs.

Apart from its upgraded support for Web pages, Classilla supports most of the same features that Mozilla of the same generation did, with similar feature sets and bugs in its support for E-mail, Usenet, FTP and Gopher, although the latter received token upgrades. In a likewise fashion, Classilla also inherits many of the security failings of earlier versions of the Application Suite, many of which are still not patched and openly warned of by the developers. The presence of NoScript, along with the unusual nature of the classic Mac OS, is thought to add some level of protection, although it is the avowed goal of the developers to reach security parity with current Mozilla-based releases and repair outstanding bugs.

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