Browse3D Web Browser

Browse3D is a next generation web browser for Windows machines that provides a graphical three-walled interface for loading and using multiple Web pages simultaneously. Browse3D provides the most efficient way to find, organize, save and share web-based content using patented design and processes with multiple web browser engines.

The Browse3D web browser offers user a visual advantage making finding and using web information more productive.  Using multiple browsing engines is made easier because each web page is represented by an image of that page not just a generic tab.  For the first time Browse3D is offering a free version. Some of the features are:

  • Visually browseopen multiple web pages like a tabbed browser but never loose track of where you are because each web page is its own visual reference
  • Advanced pop-up handling – you select how to handle pop-up windows, turn them off and open clicked on pop-up links anywhere you want.  Advanced pop-up handling is now integrated with Windows XP SP2.
  • Compare pages side by side the new 4-live feature (Pro version only) allows 4 web pages to be live side by side for monitoring multiple web sites or easily comparing web content
  • Advanced search – quickly search Google, Yahoo or MSN from the address box in any browser.  Auto load ever Google search hit to the right wall with one mouse click.
  • Speed your web browsing – select and load multiple pages while you continue to use the page you’re on
  • Save and load multiple pages – select and save multiple web pages for your research, travel plans, shopping or auctions items – easily reload them at any time
  • Never get lost – an image of every page you visit is displayed and can be returned to at the click of the mouse 

Download the Free Version of Browse3D Web Browser