Blazer Web Browser 4.0

View most Internet and web-based content, including web-based email, in color with clear, crisp images and text. The Blazer web browser supports multiple Internet standards such as HTML, xHTML, WML, JavaScript, CSS, and SSL. Blazer is a dual-view browser, capable of adjusting the layout of web pages to fit the device screen as well as displaying web pages as they would appear in a standard desktop browser.

NEW FEATURES in Version 4.0

Improved Performance  Web pages load much faster allowing you to immediately start reading content and interacting with the webpage.

Save images to device  Tap and hold on any image on a web page and you can save it to your device or an expansion card.

Customize your start page  Launch the browser with the last viewed page, with your list of bookmarks or with the default homepage.

New look and feel  Much improved user interface with an Address Bar in the main view, small font option to view more content, and ability to drag stylus anywhere to scroll page.

VPN support  Ability to turn VPN on from within the browser allowing you to access secure Intranet sites (VPN software not included).

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