Avant Browser 11.7 build 26

Avant Browser 11.7 Build 26, Released 4.14.2009

  • Partially fixed non-working zoom function with CTRL + middle mouse button(still not working with IE8)
  • Fixed the problem that Google translation list screened Toolbar under standard style
  • Fixed the bug of being unable to save online profiles
  • Fixed double avant.exe bug in task manager
  • Fixed the truncated bookmark names bug after importing Opera bookmarks
  • Fixed Tab Bar display issue when using a high font DPI

Download Avant Browser 11.7 build 26

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  1. Whatever in my laptop with xp/ie6 or my desktop with win7/ie8, the latest release 2010 build 123 rarely crashes even I keep my system and browser running for 3+ days due to working requirement. If you ever used Chrome, you’ll understand what these ybrowser.exe are for. I choose it instead of Chrome due to its stability and compatibility.

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