ANT Galio Browser

Specifically developed and optimised for the TV, the ANT Galio Browser gives operators and manufacturers a proven platform to deliver compelling and engaging TV experiences. Drawing on 15 years of expertise, you can be confident that ANT is able to deliver a powerful, feature rich and robust solution for the delivery of TV applications and services.

Through attention to detail, careful architecting and partnerships with all the leading silicon providers, the ANT Galio Browser delivers the performance you need, where you need it. Meeting the expectations of today’s TV users, graphical capabilities such as fluid transitions are delivered without the need for plugins or the overheads they bring.


  • Proven through extensive deployments globally
  • Draws on over 15 years of TV experience
  • Secure TV applications framework
  • Controlled low memory handling
  • Readily ported to any 32/64-bit CPU and OS/RTOS
    • Many pre-integrations available
    • Accelerates speed to market
    • Reduces development costs
  • Consistent delivery of TV applications across multiple platforms
  • Flexible internal architecture makes it easy to create and integrate custom extensions


  • Web 2.0 capability and flexibility
  • Built for use with a standard TV remote control – no need for a mouse or keyboard
  • Interactive responsiveness delivered by internal event prioritisation
  • Consistent navigation of every item on the TV screen
  • Fluid graphics transitions help create a truly dynamic user experience
  • Powerful on-target debugging of TV applications with the ANT Content Developer Kit (CDK)

Features Overview

Focused specifically on the TV experience, ANT Galio Browser offers operators and manufacturers support for a wide range of standards and technologies. Trust ANT to deliver your TV applications reliably and efficiently.


Standards-based Content

  • HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, DHTML
  • HTML 5 (partial)
  • CSS 3 (partial), CSS 2.1 and CSS TV Profile 1.0
  • CE HTML (partial: TV support)
  • Supports multiple style sheets with dynamic switching
  • DOM 3 (partial), DOM 2, DOM 1, DOM 0
  • Dynamic CSS/DOM with event and JavaScript-driven redraw and reflow in real-time
  • JavaScript 1.5 (EcmaScript 262 Edition 3)
  • XML, XML Http Request (AJAX, Web 2.0 support)
  • XML 1.1 Namespaces support
  • Unicode and multiple international language support

Graphics and Displays

  • Full CSS/HTML control of layout and style
  • Controllable display safe area
  • BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG support
  • Bi-directional font support
  • Hardware optimised and accelerated graphics transitions
  • DirectFB support for most platforms
  • Windowed video playback using external plug-in
  • Alpha blending

Development Environment

  • Source code licensing available
  • Small, fast, robust code in ISO C
  • Highly optimised memory management with low memory warning providing a robust TV experience
  • Suitable for any 32/64-bit CPU and OS/RTOS
  • Portable, modular and extensible architecture
  • Differentiated event prioritisation ensures the browser provides optimised responsiveness
  • Scalable algorithms for efficient CPU and memory use
  • Provides widget support using ANT’s unique Web Applications Framework (WAFER) enabling multiple applications to be run simultaneously and independently
  • Netscape Navigator 4 Plug-In API support
  • Supports RGB and YUV frame buffers
  • String resource files for rapid localization


  • HTTP 1.1 (RFC 2616)
  • HTTPS (OpenSSL supporting SSL2, SSL3 and TLS1)
  • Accessible local file system

Navigation and Scrolling

  • Remote control or pointer navigation
  • Advanced navigation algorithms ensures repeatable user experience with all selectables being navigable
  • Custom key-mappings per page
  • Control over vertical and horizontal scrolling

Optional Components

  • Adobe Flash Player plugin
  • Input Method Editors (IME)
  • Pre-integrated silicon solutions
  • ANT CDK (Content Developer Kit)
  • ANT Consultancy and professional services available to provide porting guidance or implementation

For more information please visit ANT Galio Browser page

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