A Mobile Web Browser from Bitstream ThunderHawk

ThunderHawk, a breakthrough wireless Web browser from Bitstream, provides mobile operators, device manufacturers, and corporate IT departments with a familiar, secure desktop browsing experience on mobile devices.
Mobile phone users won’t spend as much time browsing on a mobile device if they feel they are getting a substandard, hard to use, limited version of the Internet. Unlike other mobile browsers that typically repurpose, reformat or remove content so it will fit on small screen devices, ThunderHawk displays full HTML Web pages just as they would appear on the desktop for a superior user experience

Developed with a high degree of HTML open standards compliance, ThunderHawk offers:

  • Multiple mobile platforms. ThunderHawk covers a vast range of mobile phones, from mass-market Java phones to higher end Symbian and Windows Mobile phones.
  • Small footprint. Removes complexity from the mobile device for full HTML browsing on both high end as well as mass market mobile phones that would typically not have enough memory to run a browser on the device.
  • Compact transport format. The scalable server end provides a high degree of Web standards compliance. Data is transmitted to the mobile phone in a compressed transport format, resulting in the fast download and display of Website content.
  • The best mobile browsing experience available today! With ThunderHawk, Website content looks just as it does on the desktop: ThunderHawk never repurposes, reformats or removes content, but rather provides a consistent interface between mobile and desktop environments for a true browsing experience on a vast range of mobile phones.

Download at homepage HERE


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